Et København for de mange – ikke for de få

?? ET KØBENHAVN FOR DE MANGE – IKKE FOR DE FÅ ?? Vi drømmer allesammen om at have et godt sted at bo, at vores børn kommer trygt i skole, at vi tages hånd om når vi bliver ældre og at vi allesammen kan trække vejret i fremtiden.Stem på Enhedslisten til kommunalvalget den 21. november.

Slået op af Enhedslisten København i Tirsdag den 31. oktober 2017


Why Enhedslisten?

Enhedslisten is grounded in the tradition of social movements. We cherish the values of solidarity and responsibility for the environment. We are inspired by the labor movement and its struggle for social justice. We want to cap the emission of greenhouse gases. We are red and green. We are left wing, we oppose discrimination, and we are proud to be internationalist.

Take control of the housing market

Do you love scoring a quick profit on the housing market, the new luxury apartments for the super-rich in Tuborg Havn? Not really? The gap between rich and poor in the city grows day by day. Housing is built. However, the workers who build it will never be able to afford living there themselves. If you are a student or poor: Forget about it.

Enhedslisten wants to make the municipality the driving force for creating quality housing. We need homes for families, students, and collectives. Copenhagen should establish its very own housing association that will build for the many, not the few.

At the same time, we want a green city. We work for nature on street corners and rooftops. Copenhageners should have a place in nature and nature must have a place in Copenhagen.

  • Build for the many, not the few
  • Expand social housing
  • More green breathing spaces – defend our commons 

Let’s beat stress together

Copenhagen has a terrible record amongst Danish cities. Our city has withheld pension rights from a larger proportion of disabled and terminally-ill people than any other municipality in Denmark. Enhedslisten will end this regime of mistrust and base social services on the individual needs of those who suffer from sickness or unemployment. We want caseworkers to meet people with trust.

Enhedslisten wants to improve the quality of our working life. We work to live; we do not live only to work. Many people need more free time to stay happy and healthy.

Copenhagen can lead the way by limiting the workweek to 30 hours – at the same pay. That will increase the number of jobs, and help otherwise excluded people escape the meaningless bureaucracy of the system.

  • Trust, not control
  • 30-hour workweek
  • End persecution of the sick and the unemployed

Make Room for Play

When the nurseries and kindergartens of the city are allowed to blossom, our youngest Copenhageners thrive. To achieve this end, the city should hire more nursery and day care professionals. We believe parents should feel confident that their children will have an amazing day when they drop them off in the morning.

The schools of Copenhagen are best when the children of the city bubble with joy when meeting the world. That requires teachers who have time for preparation and immersion, and for shorter school days that make room for play and friendship.

  • More pedagogues in day care
  • Time for preparation and immersion in schools
  • Shorter school days with time to play


Fewer than one Copenhagener in ten uses a car on a daily basis. Nevertheless, more cars clog our streets every year. We don’t want to continue down that road. We want to invest in buses and light rails. While the other parties want to find 19 billion kroner for a car tunnel across the harbour, we want to use that money for climate-friendly public transport and to free the oldest parts of the inner city from cars.

In 2014, Enhedslisten took over responsibility for bike traffic in Copenhagen, and for the first time in half a century, there are now more bikes in the city than cars. While the national government promotes the burning of fossil fuels, Enhedslisten is serious when we talk global responsibility. We want a carbon neutral Copenhagen, and we insist that the development of the city must benefit the climate and the environment.

  • More public transportation, no thanks to a harbour tunnel
  • More room for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Less exhaust and cleaner air 

Create the City Together

Copenhageners know the problems that we face. Therefore, we must expand and strengthen our city’s democracy. Citizens, students and construction workers must have more influence on everything from the city budget to the design of the local park.

We know it’s not politicians and bureaucracy that give our city life. Copenhagen belongs to its people, and together we must create the city. We can build up our community in small ways, every day. Because Copenhagen is at its best when fellow residents take back the streets with flowers after gang violence. When activists make lighten up streets with green plants or when parents and nursery and day care professionals stand together and prevent cutbacks and shutdowns. That is how we create the city together.

Chose Community

Become an activist in Enhedslisten and help fight for a socialist Copenhagen where we work together to create an even more livable city. Enhedslisten is a community that wants a better world and a better city. 

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