Vote Enhedslisten in the local elections

Copenhagen and Region H.

Tuesday November 19th 2013.


A vote for Enhedslisten is a vote for:

  • New jobs in both the public and the private sector
  • Cheaper rent and more options in social housing
  • Free mother tongue education in all public schools


You can vote

You can vote if you are 18 years or older and a resident of Copenhagen. If you are not a citizen of Norway, Iceland or the EU, you must have resided in Denmark for the last three years.

You do not have to register. You will receive a polling card at your home address five days before the day of the election. You can also vote in advance with any valid ID at any Citizens Service centre already today.

Read more about your voting rights here (Ministry of the Interior)


Enhedslisten works for you

Enhedslisten is a socialist party represented at all levels of the Danish political system. In the national parliament Folketinget we are working to remove the “24 year rule” and make it easier to reunite families in Denmark.

In Region Hovedstaden we work to keep doctors and hospitals free and make sure everybody has equal access to health care. In City Hall we work to make Copenhagen the best possible home for everyone, no matter where you come from.

Click here to learn more about Enhedslisten


The next 4 years

The local elections are held every four years. This is when the citizens of Copenhagen choose how the city and region should develop in the future. Enhedslisten will work to create jobs, build affordable homes and strengthen our schools. We want to make Copenhagen a city where everybody feels welcome and all families can live a happy life. A strong local economy makes it possible to do this without raising taxes.

  • Building homes you can afford: It costs too much to live in Copenhagen. This is a problem for everyone, especially poorly paid or unemployed workers. Enhedslisten will fight to build more affordable apartments for families and students.
  • Schools for all children: Copenhagen has good schools and dedicated teachers. But they need more resources. Enhedslisten wants to provide free meals for students in all public schools and offer classes for all children in their own language.
  • Creating new jobs in the city: 27.000 people in Copenhagen are unemployed. Enhedslisten will create new jobs in the city by investing in green projects, by improving public service and by helping small business and cooperatives that employ locally.
  • Fighting poverty and injustice: Inequality is on the rise. Many children grow up in poverty. This has to change. Enhedslisten will secure more help for poor families, open shelters for all nationalities and increase funding for social programmes.


The candidates

You can vote for either the Party or for a specific candidate. Enhedslisten has 28 candidates running for city council.  Our team is as diverse as Copenhagen in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education and occupation.

Morten Kabell is our top candidate. He has been a member of the city council since 1997 and is deputy chair of the Technical and Environmental Committee.

Se all our candidates her (Danish)


Enhedslisten = Ø

In Danish politics every party has a letter. The letter of Enhedslisten is the Scandinavian “Ø”. You will find this letter in front of our name on the voting ballot. Enhedslisten is also called “de rød-grønne” (The Red-Green Alliance). So look for “Ø. Enhedslisten – de rød-grønne” when you vote.